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Some high priced books on Amazon

There so  many books in the world. Each book has its price. The first time  I saw the book of Dan Pena, I did say to myself.....hmm. However, when I got a copy of the book and started reading, I did understand why the book is highly priced.
Well, if you are interested in knowing some hidden secrets of the wealthy, then you can check these books below.
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The power of taking good initiatives constantly

This is the way to making great difference in life. Denying yourself from taking initiatives is denying yourself the way to success. All people that are wealthy or would-be wealthy are initiative takers. 
It does not matter whether you were born poor or you come from a broke home, you can prosper. In fact, with the power of initiatives you can succeed greatly.
The word “initiative” comes from the word “initiate” which simply means starting something using your mind and capability. Think about people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and many of them. They were not born wealthy as they are today, however the power of initiatives took them to where they are now.

One thing I have noted in life is that, those that are bold and valiant almost and always succeed leaving their peers behind. The reason is simply because the bold are initiatives takers. They do not worry themselves with the question “And what if my initiative fails?” Their culture is, I will try—if it works, fine; if not, I will try…

The power of resisting hard circumstances

It was one sunny afternoon, Johnny decided to go and see the wise man in their hometown regarding how to overcome poverty and become rich. The wise man told Johnny to come back the following day.  The following day Johnny came; and, the wise man told him that they should have a walk. 

They walked round the city without the man saying a word to Johnny. The man then began approaching a wall. When it was about few centimeters to the wall, the wise man used his palm to hold Johnny’s occiput and pretended as if he is pushing it against the wall, but Johnny stiffed his neck. Then, shouted, “Sir, are you killing me?”. The man stopped! 
He then, asked the wise man if he wanted to kill him because he wants an advice. The wise man told him this: I am not a murderer. I am teaching you a great lesson which would help you as you go in life.

He said, the way you resisted fast and intelligently, that is how you need to resist poverty. Without developing resistance against poverty, poverty will toss …

The power of paying the price for what you want and ,,,,

If we  something want we must be willing to pay a price for it. Everything in life comes along with a price tag. Not willing to pay a price for what we want means not wanting the thing. Truly, almost everybody wants success, but, not everybody wants to pay the price to obtain that success. Such a philosophy is contrary to logic and truth.
To want success and not wanting to pay a price for it is to fail.

One truth is most of us like to move in less resistant directions like water. This makes many lives to meander instead moving straight. Have you ever seen a river climbing mountains? Never will you see this. However, I know that you have seen water running down hills. This is how many people are—we want to always be on the slopes, dodge hurdles and likes. However, no matter how we dodge, we will still meet other barriers ones ahead. It implies that dodging is not the solution.
The solution is to face whatever we encounter and that will help us against those that we will meet tomorrow.

The power of patience and intelligence for greater achievements

Mina has been married for 5 years. However, the relationship between her and her husband was hell. She decided to go and seek a counsel from her wise father. When she went and told the father all her story, the father told her that there is something wrong with her and need to change if she wants a better life.

To teach her a lesson she will never forget, the father told her he will need a mountain goat as a payment for the advice he will give. She went home and thought about how to get a mountain goat for her father to help her salvage her marriage. After a week of thoughts, she came out with an idea. Her idea was to go and buy bags of grains, take some to the mountains-side, where these goats live and breed.
The following day, she went and bought her grains. Then, she collected some and went to the mountains to leave it there and come back home. The following day, she took some again and went there. Luckily, she discovered that her grains had been eaten. She therefore left those in …

The power of not belittling yourself

You are great. Your potentials are great. Do not undermine them. Instead, mine them and use them.
Many times I belittled myself, and that hindered my progress. I saw myself little, whilst many saw me great.
The truth is I never gave much value to myself and what was in me. Although I never saw what was in me, many around me saw it and told me. This made me to concentrate on discovering who I am, instead of following the joneses of life. Focusing my mind on discovering who I am made me to discover my route in life.

This discovery made me to develop myself. Developing myself made people to love my messages. Whenever I speak or counsel people, the response is always “wow”. Many people did ask me where my ideas come from. What these people never knew was, inside me was a well of water to help humanity that I never knew of, but God used some people to help me discover it. 

Are there not many people who had potentials but did not see it till God told them in the bible? Think about Gideon an…

The danger of being shy

I went to a market to buy under-pants for my younger sister. Believe me, I was not able to buy the pants and came home  because of shyness. The reason was, I felt that lots of eyes were on me.
You see, many people are not realizing their potentials because of shyness. Such people do encounter opportunities, but they do allow such wonderful life’s advantages to pass by them. The truth is, not being adventurous when advantages come will make you to remain without stuff.
The bold truth is, life is an opportunity, an advantage and an adventure. If you believe this, then anytime life presents you a good opportunity, you should not allow anything and anyone to hinder you from grabbing it.

Creating beautiful life from chaos

Life on earth is a journey into eternity. To arrive or not depends on the decision of the traveler; and to arrive at a peaceable destination or not also depend on him or her.
As a traveler faces problems and difficulties so will we all face. It is like a constructor making a way; he will meet trees, rivers and ponds, hills and mountains. 
Meeting Mountains will not stop him; he will erode the mountains and make them flat. Whilst eroding these mountains, he will get precious stones of which some will aid him in making the road. If things come to worse, he will channel the road into the mountains and keep on.

Life is like this, we should not avoid problems, we give them chance of enlarging themselves to us; instead, we should call them challenges to face or battles.
Nothing is easy to come by, creation is not easy, you must seat is the law. In Genesis 1: 1—3 of the Bible, God demonstrated something worth learning:  “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. In addition, the…

The danger and power of negligence in life

Our world is in a mess and will continue to be because of human negligence.
In fact, the authority we have is destroying many as it had in times past. I mean, the authority to will, decide and choose. 

Look, plants have not got this authority. Not having this often makes them fulfilled than human. Our ability to will, decide and choose makes us to often play fouls where we are supposed not to. It makes us take things, circumstances and others for granted. Doing these often makes many to fail where they are not supposed to fail. It makes us to procrastinate and drag our feet where we are supposed to run or fly.

If you are a reader of the bible, you might have come across the name Judas Iscariot. You know, he was the one that betrayed Jesus even though he was warned of the consequences—that reveals how negligent men are.

Think also of Adam and Eve—they were warned ahead of time regarding the fruit they ate— Yet, negligence did not prevent them.
Negligence is an enemy of progress and promo…

The keys to becoming a winner and successful in your field

There is no land without valley or hill. There is no road that is completely smooth and without curves.
God created man in such a way that we cannot be manipulated or ruled by circumstances and situations. He or she should rather be the controller and governor.

You should not disturb yourself or hate yourself because of unnecessary things and situations. You should not allow what you see and hear to control you. You should not allow them to make you a nobody. You have to rather make them as nothing. This is because God has created you to be a king and governor over
what he has created.

My dear, you are important to God. This is what God told me sometime ago. If somebody thinks that you are not, that is that persons perceptions. 

My Pastor Paul Gbinu Ahialey gave me a key, and I will selflessly like to share it with you.

He said the key to success in life is driven by will—THE WILL TO WIN is the key to your goals success.
If you have the will to win, you will achieve all your written  …

Life transforming quotes of Agyei Takyi

A vision without knowledge is a blurred vision. Be humble, yet do not bow to people, else they will walk on you. Am not a human be nor been. Am a human being. Do more than you did yesterday. To have the wisdom of God, we must have the knowledge of God.  God told Joshua to meditate upon the Word day and night. God meant, Joshua should absorb Jesus into Him and it will be well with him. Those that know that they are real descents from God are really decent. When the road is clear, travelling on it will be smooth; if not, it will be hard. Have a clear road in life or make one before the journey to help you.  Not all evil spirits are angels. Some evil spirits are human, because we too are spirits. He that does evil in life is an evil spirit.  Bad Braggers always end up in rags.  Boasting does not boost anything. Lifeless life is living without contributing to life. Lifeless life is living without health. If your life is meaningless to you, then let me tell you that someone in …

Ultimate life changing Quotes of Agyei Takyi

 God before your goals. Life is free, but the future will come by paying a price. When you create a system, you must make sure to make the system work, else it won’t by itself. To hope in God, we first we need to trust Him.  A plan is a system—if the goals for fulfilling the plan are not followed, the plan will fail. Follow your plans and don’t give up till the end.  The world is shaped by our acts and words. If I refuse to walk and live right, the sun will reveal it; if not eternity will reveal it.  Ignorance is an enemy of progress. Wisdom is the key to prudence. Prudence provides better things. God is my future, Jesus Christ is the bridge, and the Holy Spirit is my walking companion.  If you want to know tomorrow, you need to know a little of today, and more of yesterday.  The success secret of time is this: gradual but steady.  FAITH IS RISK. Not wanting to risk indicates there is no faith.  Generally in life, costs rises higher than salary. Let us not depend on sal…

Ultimate thought provoking Quotes Of Agyei Takyi

What we constantly affirm has power to shape our destination. God told Joshua to meditate upon the word, day and night and also make sure it does not depart out of His mouth.  Affirmation can be divided into two; confession with our mouth and self talk (inner conversation).  In order to face the future well, we must leave yesterday by and live in this day with great response. Self esteem cannot come closer to self-acceptance.   To accept your self is the key to overcome most of your worries. Don’t ignore the power of voice; even if it is silent. Remember, people live what they confess within them daily.  You cannot become what you don’t confess because it has no influence over you. Our faith is propelled greatly by our inner confession (meditation).  If we can take time to develop ourselves, we will discover unknown potentials in us.  You cannot be poor, if your mind is enriched.  There is no result without process. One of the purposes of today is to help us pursue tomorro…

Some great books that have shaped leaders and nations


Be yourself

Very many people do not know who they are and whose they are. This ignorance makes them to behave like the prodigal son. Well, if you are one of the princes and princesses’ walking on the ground, then the good news is, the time to start riding on your horses has come.

People who do not know who and whose they are suffer from identity crises. In fact, they linger around instead of going on. They do join the Joneses’ instead of joining the Josephs’. The sad thing is, some of them do go to the extent of joining Judas’ instead of joining Jesus. An example of such was Sampson; not knowing who he really was made him to do little compare to what he existed to do. Another example of such is Esau; he sold his birthright because of bread.

Most of these people tend to oil the without, but deep within they live in pits (self pity). Well, if you know someone like this, then here is good news for you to share with that friend.
The good news is, the creator of the universe created mankind in his own…

Ultimate ways to make money sharing links on social media and beyond

I personally define advertisement as "arresting the attention of people to maximise sales, thereby maximising productivity."
We live in a world where information seems to be free because of the internet. However, this is not true. The free information is often  not free.
Social media seems free, but it is not. Without the advertisements you see everyday on social media, social media will cease to exist.

People need money  to help them do what they are doing. I do use affiliate links as a way of generating funds. Besides, there are many other ways that can be used to generate funds to help as a blogger.  One of them is, sharing and shortening links. Sharing and shortening links does help in making long links short. For example, if you want to share affiliate links, the best way to do that is to shorten them.
Sharing links is not a get-rich-quick system, yet it will help if you have lots of  readers on your blog and followers on social media. There are lots of them that you…